Adult Swim Lessons

Morning Lessons - Thursdays 0545-0630 @ Marine Hill Pool

Evening Lessons -  Wednesdays & Fridays 1830-1915 @ Marine Hill Pool

Register and purchase a punch card at the Denich Fitness Center.  Attend classes whenever your schedule will allow. 
Punch Cards are $50.00 for 10 lessons
Active Duty is free but must register and receive an Active Duty card.

**Lessons are not held on holidays.**

Open Log Rolling

Log Rollers of all skill levels are welcome to come roll with us. Please ask the lifeguard for more information.


Youth Swim Lessons

Youth swim lessons are offered at the Marine Hill Pool for all abilities ages 3 through 12 years.                                      

Preschool lessons are for those 3 years to 5 years old, School Age lessons are for those Kindergarten – 6 grade.                                  Class Fees: $35/participant for 6, 35 minute lessons.
Classes may be canceled or combined due to low enrollment

Registration is completed at the Denich Fitness Center; registration begins one week prior to session start dates


Youth Group Fall Swim Lessons Dates:  



Friday evenings

Fall session 1

Oct 18- Nov 22

Pre-schoolers & Level 3

5:40- 6:15 PM

Levels 1 & 2

6:20- 6:55 PM

Levels 4 & 5 Swim League

7:00- 8:00 PM

Swim lessons will resume in 2020

Dates TBD

        ***Fall registration at the Denich Fitness Center front desk October 1-10***

Preschool & School Age Lessons-         

Preschool Swim Lessons Level Descriptions (3-5 years old, not yet in Kindergarten)


Prerequisites: Child must be potty trained and participate independently.

Goal #1: To enter and exit the water safely, submerge fully, blow bubbles, float on front/back and do basic arm/leg movements all with support.

Goal #2: To submerge, retrieve submerged objects, float on front/back, and perform freestyle and backstroke independently. 


School Age Swim Lessons Level Descriptions (Kindergarten – 6th Grade)

Cuttlefish (level 1 - beginner)

Prerequisites: Enter the water and participate independently.

Goal: To enter and exit the water safely, submerge fully, blow bubbles, float on front/back and do basic arm/leg movements with & without support. 

Octopus (Level 2 - advanced beginner)

Prerequisites: Comfortably submerge and float on front/back with minimal support.

Goal: To retrieve submerged objects, float on front/back for up to 30 seconds, and perform freestyle and backstroke independently for at least 10 yards. 

Squid (Level 3 - intermediate)

Prerequisites: Float on front/back independently for 30seconds AND swim freestyle and backstroke independently for at least 10 yards.

Goal: Swim 25 yards in both freestyle and backstroke, learn beginnings of breast-stroke and elememtary backstroke and knowledge of rotary breathing. PASS Swim Test!

Level 4 & 5 Fall Youth Swim League

A developmental swim team program for kids ages 9-17.  This build-up program for youth swimmers is designed for improving & refining the strokes and skills needed to join a competitive swim team, and/or improve on competitive swimming skills. To be eligible, children must be 9 years old prior to Swim League start, and be able to demonstrate swimming 50 yards non-stop of front crawl & backstroke, 25 yards of breast-stroke, 15 yards of butterfly (dolphin) kick, as well as tread water for at least 90 seconds.

Swim League swimming skills assessments/placements will be held October 10 from 7:00-8:0 pm at the Marine Hille Pool. Reminder, this is a build-up swim league teaching level 4 & 5 skills, NOT swim team, so children must be able to complete the required swimming skills. Registration can occur only after swimming skills assessmsent & placement. Limited to 20 children.



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