The following directed COVID-19 protocols will be implemented for GTMO Aquatics starting Friday, March 20:  

*Windajmmer pool is closed until further notice. 

Marine Hill Pool until further notice.

Tuesday- Friday:  5:30AM-8AM, 11AM-1PM, 4PM-7:30PM
Saturday: 9:30AM-4:30PM
Sunday: 10AM-4PM 


*AquaFit Water Fitness classcanceled until further notice.



*Youth & Adult Swim Lessons, private pool party rentals, and all Aquatics events are postponed until further notice



Navy Youth Swim Test:

To attain full, unaccompanied access to the Aquatics facilities, including slides, deep end, and for other recreational activities as needed (i.e.: Day at the Bay, inflatables use), all youths 10-16 must successfully pass the Navy Youth Swim Test.   Children under 10 who wish to use the slides, deep end and for other recreational activities must successfully pass the Navy Youth Swim Test, and must be accompanied by an adult at all times.  Please see complete information and Navy Youth Swim License consent forms in our Aquatics downloads, and see the Lifeguards at either pool during regular pool hours, to request a swim test.   

Navy Youth Swim Test includes:

Swim one pool length (minimum of 25 yards) unassisted and without rest. Swimmers must use a recognizable Front Crawl or Breast-stoke, showing arm-stroke, propulsive kick, and rhythmic breathing (face in the water) for the entire distance.  No swimming underwater or on the back.

Jump into the deep end of the pool and return to the surface, Tread water for a minimum of 60 seconds, then Exit the pool unassisted.

Please note, the Navy Youth Swim License is valid for 1 year only, and all swim licenses expire yearly on March 31.  



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