Rec swim available at the Marine Hill pool during WJ pool closure~
Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 1100-1500,
1130-1930 Thursdays & Saturdays.
Sundays  1300-1900
US Holidays 1200-1900.

Please go to the MH pool page for complete information.
No recreational pool use during designated lap swim hours.


Regular operations (when both pools are Open)


Lap Swim at Marine Hill pool Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays!
(CLOSED on US holidays)

M-W-F Mornings: 0530-0800.
M-W-F Evenings: 1600-1930

Pool lanes will be available for use on a space-available basis only.  Lap swim only, 1 person per lane (2 if cohabitating), max 10 people in the pool area during each designated lap swim timeframe. No recreational pool-area use (no sunbathing, no socializing, etc.).

NO group/unit training/testing during regular lap swim pool hours; to reserve pool space for Command/Unit training, please see below.


Command/Unit training blocks at Marine Hill Pool 

0800-1000 Mondays & Fridays and 0915-1015 Wednesdays
Minimum 1-week in advance reservation required. 
To request Command/Unit pool time, please email
NO group/unit training/testing during regular lap swim pool hours

Please see complete information on the Marine Hill pool page.


Rec Swim at the Windjammer pool 

Recreational Swim is available at the Windjammer pool on Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays 11:30am-7:30pm.
(Open 12-7 on US holidays)

However, due to limitations, maximum capacity is capped at 50 people on a 1st-come, 1st-served basis; others will be allowed in on a 1-out, 1-in policy as other patrons leave.

Windjammer Wading pool (for children 5 & under) is now OPEN! Capactity limitations and distancing protocols apply; Please see complete information on the Windjammer Pool page.

Windjammer pool slides are now OPEN! Please note, all children 17 & under must have a current Navy Youth Swim License in order to use the orange and blue slides. All slide rules and posted limitations apply; Please see complete information on the Windjammer Pool page.

Special Aquatics events information & dates listed on the Windjammer Pool page; check it out!


Splashpad will be open 8:00am-6:00pm daily excluding Wednesdays (closed every Weds).

  • If the splashpad area is getting too crowded, please self-regulate; overcrowding will result in closure.
  • Parents must directly supervise their children.
  • MWR Toys & equipment are not available for use.
  • Please follow all other posted facility rules & guidelines.

Please see complete information on the SplashPad page.


Please note: Youth & Adult Swim Lessons and private pool party rentals are postponed until further notice, but we are working on bringing these programs back. Please stay tuned to our MWR GTMO facebook page or website for updates! 

Limited approved Aquatics special events will be posted on uor Facebook page.


We thank you for your patience while we all adjust to this ‘new normal’. We ask that you please adhere to posted information so we may continue to offer our services. Failure to follow posted rules and protocols may result in loss of use for all.


Navy Youth Swim Test:

To attain full, unaccompanied access to the Aquatics facilities, and for other recreational activities as needed, all youths 10-16 must successfully pass the Navy Youth Swim Test.   Children under 10 who wish to use the deep end or slides must successfully pass the Navy Youth Swim Test, and must be accompanied by an adult guardian at the pool at all times.  Please see complete information and Navy Youth Swim License consent forms in our Aquatics downloads, and see the Lifeguards at either pool during regular pool hours, to request a swim test.   

Navy Youth Swim Test includes:

  • Swim one pool length (minimum of 25 yards) unassisted and without rest.
    Swimmers must use a recognizable Front Crawl or Breast-stoke, showing arm-stroke, propulsive kick, and rhythmic breathing (face in the water) for the entire distance.  No swimming underwater or on the back.
  • Jump into the deep end of the pool and return to the surface, Tread water for a minimum of 60 seconds, then Exit the pool unassisted.

Please note, the Navy Youth Swim License is valid for 1 year only, and all swim licenses expire yearly on March 31.  



We are focused on continuous improvement! Click the link below, and let us know how we are doing.