Marine Hill Pool


The Marine Hill Pool is a 50-yard, 6 lane lap swim pool located in between the PWD building and Fire House at Marine Hill.  

Marine Hill pool hours:

Lap Swim: 0530-0800.
Unit training:(by advance reservation): 0800-1000.
Instructional programs (for registered participants) 1000-1300.
Rec Swim + Lap Swim: 1300-1930.
(3 lanes rec swim with inflatables, plus lap swim in 3 lanes; 1 lane long course, 4 lanes short course).

Tuesdays: CLOSED

Lap Swim: 0530-0800.
Unit training:(by advance reservation): 0800-1000.
Instructional programs (for registered participants) 1000-1300.
Rec Swim + Lap Swim: 1300-1930.
(3 lanes rec swim with inflatables, plus lap swim in 3 lanes; 1 lane long course, 4 lanes short course).

CYP pool use 0900-1100.
Training 1100-1300.
Rec Swim + Lap Swim 1300-1900.
(3 lanes rec swim with inflatables, plus lap swim in 3 lanes; 1 lane long course, 4 lanes short course).

Lap Swim: 0530-0800
Unit training:(by advance reservation): 0800-1000.
Instructional programs (for registered participants) 1000-1300.
Rec Swim + Lap Swim: 1300-1930.
(3 lanes rec swim with inflatables, plus lap swim in 3 lanes; 1 lane long course, 4 lanes short course).

Instructional programs (for registered participants) 0930-1300.
Rec Swim + Lap Swim 1300-1930.
(3 lanes rec swim with inflatables, plus lap swim in 3 lanes; 1 lane long course, 4 lanes short course).

SCUBA classes (with MWR-contracted instructors) 0700-1200.
Rec Swim + Lap Swim 1300-1900.
(3 lanes rec swim with inflatables, plus lap swim in 3 lanes; 1 lane long course, 4 lanes short course).

US HOLIDAYS: 1300-1930.

NO group/unit training/testing during regular lap swim pool hours; to reserve pool space for Command/Unit training, please see below.

Command/Unit training at Marine Hill Pool: 

0800-1000 Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays (in 1-hour or 2-hour timeblocks).

Minimum 1-week in advance reservation required. 
To request Command/Unit pool time, please email or
NO group/unit training/testing during regular lap swim/rec swim pool hours.
** August 24-Sept 16 2022, please make reservations in person with the Lifegaurd staff at the Marine Hill pool**


Youth & Adult Swim lessons at Marine Hill Pool!

Classes/Levels Info:
Baby & Me "Sea Snails" (up to 3 years old; must wear waterproof swim pants). Parent must be in water with child.
PreK "Nautilus" (PS3= age 3; PS4 = age 4; PS5= age 5; children must be completely potty-trained).
Level 1 "Cuttlefish" (ages 6-12; beginners). 
Level 2 " Octopus" (ages 6-12; advanced beginnners; must pass all L1 skills). 
Level 3 "Squid" (ages 6-12; intermediate; must pass all L2 skills). 
Level 4 & 5 "Kraken"/"Swim League"* (pre-swim team buildup swim lessons program for levels 4 & 5, for ages 8 & up).
                   *Must take a mandatory swim assessment prior to registration*.
Teen& Adult group lessons (ages 13+; beginner through intermediate small-group lessons)

SUMMER Wednesday&Friday morning Swim Lessons!
Classes on Wednesdays & Fridays; 5, 30-minute classes per session, $30.00 pp. 3 sessions available.

W/F Class Times:
1010-1040: Level 1, Baby & Me
1050-1120: Level 2, PreK 3/4 (PreK3/4 = 3 & 4 yo)
1130-1200: Level 3, PreK 4/5 (PreK4/5 = 4 & 5 yo)
1210-1240: Level 2, Level 1
1855-1925: Teen & Adult beginner/intermediate (ages 13+)

  • W/F Session 1: June 22-July 6
    Session 1 Registration = June 13-17.
    Class dates: June 22, 24, 29, July 1, July 6.
  • W/F Session 2: July 13-27
    Session 2 Registration = July 7-12.
    Class dates: July 13, 15, 20, 22, 27.
  • W/F Session 3: Aug 3-17
    Session 3 Registration = July 28-Aug 2.
    Class dates: August 3, 5.10,12, 17.


Summer SATURDAY morning Swim Lessons!
Classes Saturday mornings for 5 weeks; 5, 30-minute classes, $30.00 pp.  1 session available.

  • Saturday Summer Session: July 9-Aug 6
    Registration June 27-July 6 for Saturday lessons session.
    9Class dates: July 11, 18, 25, , 16, 23, 30 & August 6.

Saturday class times:
0935-1005: Level 3, PreK 4/5 (PreK 4/5 =4 & 5 yo)
1015-1045: Level 1, Baby & Me
1055-1125: Level 2, PreK 4 (PreK4 = 4 yo)
1135-1205: Level 1, PreK 5 (PreK5 = 5 yo)
1215-1245: Level 2, PreK 3 (PreK3 = 3yo).


SUMMER SPECIALS!  Special Aquatics Instructional programs offered Mondays at MHP!
Registration for all Monday programs is June 27-July 6 at DFC.
Monday Class dates: July 11, 18, 25, August 1, 8 (or as listed below).

  • Monday Maniacs 1015-1115
    (Level 4/5 "Kraken" pre-swim team strokes & skills buildup program; ages 8-17; must pass swim assessment to participate).
    5, 1-hour swim 'practices' focusing on Level 4 & 5 swim skills; $30 pp. Max 24 
  • Monday Beat The Brick Lifeguard buildup (ages 15+; must be able to swim) 1015-1045
    5, 30-minute classes designed to help build up skills needed to pass the Lifeguard Training course pre-test.
    $30 pp.  Max 10
  • Monday Military stroke & skills training (Active Duty only) 1045-1115
    REE for Active Duty
    5, 30-minute classes designed to help build up skills/strokes needed for Navy 2nd Class Swimmer qual testing, or to improve strokes and endurance for PRT swim, or stroke & skills training for the JTF Swim test.
    (This is not swim lessons -participants must already know how to swim). Max 10
  • Monday Butterfly stroke clinics: Want to improve your butterfly stroke? This clinic is for you! 1115-1200
    • FLY Session 1: July 11, 18, 25.
    • FLY session 2: Aug 1, 8, 15.
      3, 45-minute clinics per session; $30 pp. Max 12 per session.
  • Monday Lunchtime Lessons for Teens/Adults: ages 13+; beginner-intermediate 1115-1145 or 1200-1230.
    5, 30-minute lessons; $30 pp. Max 4 students per instructor.
  • Monday Eves lessons for Teen/Adults: ages 13+; beginner-intermediate 1855-1925
    5, 30-minute lessons; $30 pp. Max 4 students per instructor.?


Self-Paced Swims & Special Events!:
We offer a variety of Self-paced swims & SPeical events throughout the year at MH pool! 

Self-paced swims = Swim at your own pace in the comfort of our lap swim pool, &complete the designated distances by deadline for prizes! Complete information on our self-paced swims available on our MWR GTMO facebook page and at the pool 1 week prior.

  • June 6-July 22: Burn, Bay-Bay, Burn
    61,600-yard self-paced swim (Rough Equivalent to swimming 2 laps around the interior of the Bay).
  • August 8-19: River Rush & Return
    10-mile swim (equivalent of swimming up & back the Guantanamo River inside GTMO's border).
  • September 12-Nov 4: GTMO Glide
    22.5-mile (39,500 yards) self-paced swim.
  • ?12 days of Christmas Swim challenge
    complete the 12 different swims/sets for a present!

S?pecial Event FUN!

  • Independence Day weekend Festive 4th pool party; Saturday, July 2, 8-9:30 pm.
  • ?Back to School Splash pool party; Saturday, August 20, 8-9:30 pm.
  • No-Labor Labor Day weekend pool party; Saturday, Sept. 3, 8-9:30 pm.
  • September SuperSprint Triathlon; Saturday, Sept. 17 (more info to come in August!).
  • Spooky Splash Floating Pumpkin Patch pool party, Saturday October 29, 8-9:30 pm.
  • Turkey Tread pre-Thanksgiving pool party; Saturday, Nov 19, 8-9:30 pm.
  • Reindeer Games pool party; Saturday, Dec. 10, 8-9:30 pm


SCUBA instruction at Marine Hill pool with authorized instructors 5pm-9pm Tuesday evenings and 7am-Noon Sundays.
No individual pool use for or during SCUBA training or testing; anyone in the pool area must be part of a confirmed SCUBA class with an MWR-contracted, authorized instructor. Please see the Denisch Fitness center front desk for instructor and class information & registration. NO pool use for any type of scuba during lap swim or rec swim hours.

PLEASE DO NOT ENTER the pool area during SCUBA instruction unless you are a rostered scuba student for that specific class/date!


Pool Rules: 
NO group/unit swim testing/training during regular lap or rec swim hours; for training/testing pool time, please see above.

  • The pool rules are in place to ensure patron & staff safety – Safety First!
  • All patrons must sign in; IDs may be requested at entry.|
  • ?Swimming is permitted only when a lifeguard is on duty.
  • Children 10-16, if left unattended, must have & show a valid Navy Youth Swim License and ID.  Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by, and under the direct supervision of, an individual who is over 16 years old. Children under 10 cannot be dropped off/left without a designated adult guardian.
  • Current Swim License is required for deep end/inflatables use.
  • Appropriate swimwear is required - No cutoff pants, no cotton t-shirts, no workout clothing, no sports bras as tops.  
  • Please note - Buttocks must be adequately covered; No thongs, No tango/high-cut swimwear. Please see permitted attire poster at pool or in downloads for complete info.
  • Swimmers must shower before entering pool.
  • Persons with colds, Band-Aids, with skin infections, or with wrapped or open wounds are not allowed to enter the water.
  • No foul language, no swearing, no yelling, & no back-talking to Aquatics staff.
  • No personal speakers or loud music; please wear headphones.
  • No glass of any kind anywhere in the Aquatics facility (bottles, glass dive masks, etc.).
  • All food & beverages (excluding water) must be consumed outside the pool enclosure.
  • No eating, drinking, chewing gum nor alcohol consumption is allowed inside the pool areas. Picnic tables are available for use outside the facility.
  • No smoking or use of tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, inside the facility.
  • Air-filled toys & non-US Coast Guard floats/equipment (water wings, rings, etc.) are not allowed during Rec Swim pool hours; please use US Coast Guard approved personal floatation devices only; we have lifejacekts available for use while at the pool.
  • All children in lifejackets and younger non-swimmers must be within arm’s reach of a parent/adult. Direct supervision required.
  • Running, pushing, dunking, throwing, shoulder rides/chicken fights or any excessive horseplay or unruly behavior is not allowed, for the safety of all in the facility.
  • All diving must be forward-facing into water at least 9’ deep. No backwards jumps, backwards dives or flips/gymnastics from the deck into the water.
  • Kickboards lap swim equipment is authorized in Lap Lanes only. Lap swim equipment, water fitness gear, and/or swim lesson equipment cannot be used for Rec Swim use. Please do not use MWR Aquatics’ designated water fitness or swim lesson gear.
  • No scuba gear, No snorkels, No dive fins allowed except during designated Scuba hours.
  • Please adhere to inflatables use guidelines, max capacities, and lifeguard instructions for inflatables use.
  • Tot-Docks are only for children under 6 &/or children too short to touch; no sitting on railings nor swimming between railings.
  • When lap lanes are full, Circle Swim rules apply; lap swimmers must share lanes when full.
  • The aquatic facility and surrounding area will be cleared of all persons during heavy rain, lightening/thunder, or severe weather conditions as directed by the lifeguards.
  • Hypoxic training (excessive underwater breath holding) is NOT ALLOWED AT ANY TIME.
  • **Any rules not listed or outlined here is at the discretion of the lifeguards on duty, are for the safety of all our patrons, and are as per CNICINSTR1701.3.Aquatics staff must be obeyed when enforcing facility rules, and have the authority to suspend Aquatics activities and pool use.**
  • All pool & facility rules must be adhered to; please follow the Aquatics staff’s instructions.
    Please note- NSGB MWR Navy Youth Swim Licenses all expire yearly on March 31st; children under 17 wanting to use the deep end &/or deep water inflatables  must have a current Swim License. Please see the lifeguards for info and swim testing, and check out the information in our 'downloads' tab & below.

Navy Youth Swim Test:

To attain full, unaccompanied access to the Aquatics facilities, and for other recreational activities as needed, all youths 10-16 must successfully pass the Navy Youth Swim Test.   Children under 10 who wish to use the deep end or slides must successfully pass the Navy Youth Swim Test, and must be accompanied by an adult guardian at the pool at all times.  Please see complete information and Navy Youth Swim License consent forms in our Aquatics downloads, and see the Lifeguards at either pool during regular pool hours, to request a swim test.   

Navy Youth Swim Test includes:

  • Swim minimum of 25 yards unassisted and without stopping.
    Swimmers must use a recognizable Front Crawl or Breast-stoke, showing arm-stroke, propulsive kick, and rhythmic breathing (face in the water) for the entire distance.  No swimming underwater or on the back, no 'doggie paddling'.
  • Jump into the deep end of the pool and return to the surface, Tread water for a minimum of 60 seconds, then Exit the pool unassisted.

Please note, the Navy Youth Swim License is valid for 1 year only, and all swim licenses expire yearly on March 31.  



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We thank you for your patience while we all adjust to the ‘new normal’ that covid has thrust upon us all, and thank you for your patience with any changes that must be made to operations or programs in the event of mitigation protocols. We ask that everyone please adhere to posted rules so we may continue to offer our services. Failure to follow rules and protocols may result in loss of use for all.