Marine Hill Pool


The Marine Hill Pool is a 50-yard, 6 lane lap swim pool located in between the PWD building and Fire House at Marine Hill.  

Marine Hill pool is open as follows during Windjammer pool extended closure:


Lap Swim at Marine Hill pool:
M, W, F Mornings: 0530-0800.
M, W, F Evenings: 1700-2000.
Please note & heed: No recreational pool-area use during lap swim hours (no sunbathing, no socializing, etc.).
No group/unit training/testing during regular lap swim pool hours; to reserve pool space for Command/Unit training, please see below.

Command/Unit training at Marine Hill Pool: 
0800-1000 Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays (in 1-hour or 2-hour timeblocks).

Minimum 1-week in advance reservation required. 
To request Command/Unit pool time, please email or
*More info on pool reservations below*


Rec Swim at Marine Hill Pool - August 30th onwards
1100-1600 Mondays,Wednesdays & Fridays 
1130-1930 Thursdays 
1130-1930 Saturdays 
1300-1900 Sundays
1200-1900 US holidays


Youth & Adult Swim lessons at Marine Hill Pool will resume in February-March
*More information coming soon available on our MWR GTMO facebook page*

Classes offered:
Baby & Me (up to 3 years old; must wear waterproof swim pants). Parent must be in water with child.
Preschoolers (ages 3, 4, & 5yo not yet in Kinder; must be completely potty-trained).
Level 1 (ages 6-12, beginners). 
Level 2 (ages 6-12; advanced beginnners; must pass all L1 skills). 
Level 3 (ages 65-12; intermediate; must pass all L2 skills). 
Level 4 & 5* "Swim League" (pre-swim team buildup swim lessons program for levels 4 & 5, ages 8 & up).
                   *Must take a swim assessment prior to registration*.
Homeschooler lessons (ages 5-12; during regualr school hours).
Teen& Adult group lessons (ages 13+; beginner and intermediate lessons)


Self-Paced Swims:
We offer a variety of Self-paced swims throughout the year at MH pool! 
Swim at your own pace in the comfort of our lap swim pool, and complete the designated distances by deadline for prizes!
Information on upcoming self-paced swims available on our MWR GTMO facebook page and at the pool.


SCUBA instruction at Marine Hill pool with authorized instructors 5pm-9pm Tuesday evenings and 7am-Noon Sundays.
No individual pool use for or during SCUBA training or testing; anyone in the pool area must be part of a confirmed SCUBA class with an MWR-contracted, authorized instructor. Please see the Denisch Fitness center front desk for instructor and class information & registration. NO pool use for any type of scuba during lap swim or rec swim hours.

PLEASE DO NOT ENTER the pool area during SCUBA instruction unless you are a rostered scuba student for that specific class/date!


Pool Rules for Lap Swim & Command Training:

  • No recreational pool-area use (no sunbathing, no rec swimming, etc.) during designated Lap Swim hours.
  • Patrons must follow all applicable NSGB social distancing guidelines.
  • ?Pool lane use is available on a 1st-come, 1st-served space-available basis during designated lap swim hours.
  • Max 4 persons per lane; all swimmers must maintain social distancing while in the water or on the pool deck; max 24 Lap swimmers in the pool area at any given time. Circle Swim rules apply for more than 2 swimmers in a lane.
  • If the pool is full, you must wait outside the facility until someone leaves.
  • MWR’s equipment is not available for checkout or use.
  • Children 10-17 must have a current Navy Youth Swim license & photo ID. No children under 10.
  • All other pool & facility rules must be adhered to; please follow the Aquatics staff’s instructions.
  • NO group/unit swim testing/training during regular lap or rec swim hours; for training/testing pool time, please see above.

Pool Rules for REC SWIM and events:
Please note that social distancing rules & capacities may be in place; once at desingated max capacity, patrons will be allowed into the facility as other patrons exit, on a 1-out, 1-in basis.  And in addition to regular pool rules, the following applies:

  • Patrons must follow NSGB social distancing guidelines at all times, in & out of the water.
  • Limited seating due to distancing requirements. Unless same household or cohabitating, please do not move deck chairs closer together.
  • Tot-dock stations are available for parents to use with their small children in the shallow end.  Tot docks are available for individual households with small children who cannot stand/touch; please do not have multiple households’ children on the same tot dock at once. Older children/children who can stand/touch in the shallow water should not hang on or use tot docks.
  • 1 or 2 lanes may be available for lap swim during weekday Rec Swim Hours; do not lap swim outside of lanes; follow lane use rules as noted above. 
  • MWR cannot provide equipment or lifejacket checkout. You may bring your own US Coast Guard approved lifejackets or small pool toys for your own children to play with; please disinfect them prior to entering the pool. 
  • No inflatables are allowed to be brought into the facilities.
  • No food/snacks or beverages (aside from water) inside the pool area, no exceptions; please use the picnic tables outside of the pool area.
  • All other pool & facility rules must be adhered to; please follow the Aquatics staff’s instructions.
  • NSGB MWR Navy Youth Swim Licenses all expire yearly on March 31st; children under 17 wanting to use the deep end or slides must have a current Swim License. Please see the lifeguards for info and swim testing, and check out the information in our 'downloads' tab & below.

Navy Youth Swim Test:

To attain full, unaccompanied access to the Aquatics facilities, and for other recreational activities as needed, all youths 10-16 must successfully pass the Navy Youth Swim Test.   Children under 10 who wish to use the deep end or slides must successfully pass the Navy Youth Swim Test, and must be accompanied by an adult guardian at the pool at all times.  Please see complete information and Navy Youth Swim License consent forms in our Aquatics downloads, and see the Lifeguards at either pool during regular pool hours, to request a swim test.   

Navy Youth Swim Test includes:

  • Swim one pool length (minimum of 25 yards) unassisted and without rest.
    Swimmers must use a recognizable Front Crawl or Breast-stoke, showing arm-stroke, propulsive kick, and rhythmic breathing (face in the water) for the entire distance.  No swimming underwater or on the back.
  • Jump into the deep end of the pool and return to the surface, Tread water for a minimum of 60 seconds, then Exit the pool unassisted.

Please note, the Navy Youth Swim License is valid for 1 year only, and all swim licenses expire yearly on March 31.  



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We thank you for your patience while we all adjust to this ‘new normal’. We ask that you please adhere to posted rules so we may continue to offer our services. Failure to follow rules and protocols may result in loss of use for all.