The Marine Hill Pool is a 50-yard, 6 lane lap swim pool located in between the PWD building and Fire House at Marine Hill.  


Marine Hill pool operations & hours Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays:

(CLOSED on US holidays)


Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays:

Mornings 0530-0800

Evenings 1600-1930

The following rules apply for Marine Hill pool use:

  • Lap Swim ONLY; No recreational pool-area use (no sunbathing, no rec swimming, etc.).
  • Patrons must follow all applicable NSGB social distancing guidelines.
  • Pool lane use is available on a 1st-come, 1st-served space-available basis during lap swim hours.
  • One person per lane (2 if cohabitating); max 10 people in the pool area at any given time.
  • If the pool is full, you must wait outside the facility until someone leaves.
  • Enter & exit your designated lap lane from the shallow end only; no deep end deck use.
  • Swim in the middle of your lane to aid in social distancing.
  • Swimmers must immediately exit the pool area once done swimming laps.
  • MWR’s equipment is not available for checkout or use.
  • Patrons should to come ready to swim and must leave immediately when designated lap swim hours are over; restrooms are closed (but may be available on a case by case/emergency basis).
  • Children 10-17 must have a current Navy Youth Swim license & photo ID. No children under 10.
  • All other pool & facility rules must be adhered to; please follow the Aquatics staff’s instructions.



Command PT /Unit Training pool use available at MHP Mondays & Wednesdays

0815-0915 and 1100-1400* (*in 1-hour incremental blocks, or total 3 hours).

Minimum 1-week in advance reservations required, No walk-ins; please email: for reservations.

All social distancing & facility rules must be adhered to during Command/Unit pool use.



SCUBA instruction pool use with authorized instructors 5pm-9pm Tuesday evenings and 0800-1200 Sunday mornings. No individual pool use for SCUBA training or testing; must be part of a confirmed SCUBA class with an MWR-contracted, authorized instructor. 

DO NOT ENTER the pool area during SCUBA instruction unless you are a rostered scuba student for that specific class.


We thank you for your patience while we all adjust to this ‘new normal’. We ask that you please adhere to posted rules so we may continue to offer our services. Failure to follow rules and protocols may result in loss of use for all.